Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hearing this from Ravi Shastri through out my life....

1. He played that with soft hands
2. Both these sides know the importance of this game
3. In the end cricket is the real winner
4. He flashes and he flashes hard
5. Good thing is that there are no half measures there
6. Up goes the finger
7. That's a biggie
8. Just what the doctor ordered
9. Just gets the feeling
10.He's got the license to go for it
11.The new ball is crucial
12.He is such a clean striker of the ball
13.He's the kind of player who likes the ball coming on to the bat
14.That was close
15.What an absorbing session of cricket!
16.First hour is crucial
17.That's edged and taken
18.That ball had four written all over it
19.That went like an absolute rocket.
20.They are in with a chance now
21.He went hard at it
22.Ah well, but line belongs to the umpire
23.Will there be any twist in that tail?
24.That looked close to me.
25. It doesnt get any bigger than this.
26.Thats why he is a tricky costumor.
27. Good Leave.......
28. Excellent feilding!!!!
29.This game is not over yet!!!!
30.Shewag is on fire.
31.2 runs comfortably taken
32.Pressure is right back on the bowler

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